Stacy Barton – Writer

Stacy loves a good story—hearing it, seeing it, shaping it, sharing it—how it comes to life with an audience. A ‘swiss army knife’ of storytellers, at home in any collaboration, she’s spent 20 years writing live shows, animated short films, and immersive experiences for Disney, SeaWorld, Ringling Circus, and many others around the world. Her extensive work with corporate clients means she’s also at home crafting stories for non-entertainment companies, helping hundreds of organizations deliver their messages in memorable ways. Thrilled to bring her passion for entertainment and her understanding of story branding to the animation team at MintPrint, Stacy is ready to make a little magic, just for you. Whether you’re a non-profit, a Fortune 500 company, an association, or anything in between, her pen is poised and ready to tell your story in an engaging way.