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Our Vision

We believe Plover Animation will define how we view the metaverse. As the metaverse expands, we expect there to be high-demand for media companies who can generate high-quality art assets for different platforms, the companies who advertise on there, and virtual art known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It takes a team to work full-time in order to create thousands of digital assets for a virtual world or NFT collection, so companies will need to outsource. There also will be a need for content, such as films, within the metaverse that will target the users of the next generation of the internet. That’s where our company comes in to fill in these opportunities.

Our Solutions

We see the future of animation taking place in the virtual space of the Metaverse. We are getting ahead of the curve by providing these services to the new internet phase of Web3.0. There are many large companies already using the Metaverse to promote their brands, and platforms for cryptocurrencies increasing demand for content. How we will provide value? We will create high-quality animated series for the Metaverse and other mediums like OTT streaming, and commercial videos for businesses. Plan to become the premiere NFT animation studio for NFT collectors and blockchain companies. Our animation studio will provide much-needed economic growth and tech jobs to low-income areas.

Our Values

Passion. Innovation. Creativity. Inclusion. Our team and partners are passionate about what they do, innovative-thinking, creative in their methods, and believe in inclusiveness for all people. We believe that by becoming a leader in the animation and Metaverse industries, we have the responsibility to set the cultural standards of communities. Plover Animation can be a major participant in solving inequalities and inclusion issues by partnering with organizations and providing internship opportunities.   Our company can be a part of the global initiative to have more inclusion in our workplace, and to discontinue the historical legacy of the animation industry being a reason for exclusion for women and people of color.   


Team Members Gross Profit over $8.5B

The animation team has worked on projects that have grossed over $8.2B total worldwide. Here's a list of some of

Metaverse Market Expected to Reach $829B by 2028

The global market value of the Metaverse was $47.69 billion in 2020.  It is expected to reach $828.95 billion in

$372.44B+ Animation Market Opportunity

The global animation market size was estimated at USD 372.44 billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach over USD 587.1

Alumni of Companies like Disney

Our team members are alumni of companies like Disney, Bento Box, Dreamworks, Sony, Titmouse, and more!

Our local web3 initiative

Team LeadersTeam LeadersTeam Leaders

I have over 20 years of experience working in Animation. I have started my career off as a traditional animator using an Animation Disc, Acme punched paper, and flipping 3

More than 8 years of experience in the animation industry worked on different styles of animation shows for Dreamworks, Disney as a creature, Character Animator  I will be doing animation

Stacy loves a good story—hearing it, seeing it, shaping it, sharing it—how it comes to life with an audience. A ‘swiss army knife’ of storytellers, at home in any collaboration,

With a wealth of experience in many different genres and media, Patrick Hegarty will be joining the team as Senior Writer. Patrick is an award-winning game and screenwriter, penning the

My name is Nathalia, I have been animating for 10+ years in TV productions, some movies and games. Me and my husband have been working from home for 7 years,

My name is Jason Kruse and I am an animation industry veteran who will be doing both character designs and storyboards for MintPrint. I'm incredibly excited to work for a

Team ExperienceTeam ExperienceTeam Experience

Major companies that our members have worked for


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