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The Story

At Plover Animation, we’ve flipped the script on video production. Gone are the days of daunting costs and endless hours of waiting. Instead, we’ve pioneered a new era where high-quality promotional videos are not just affordable but lightning-fast to produce. Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring voice actors or splurging on Hollywood sets. We’ve embraced the future with generative AI, cutting out the middlemen and putting the power of creativity directly in your hands. With us, the only limit is your imagination.

Why did we choose the name Plover Animation? Great question! The plover is a small, nimble bird native to the beaches of South Carolina, known for its quick, darting movements. Just like this speedy little bird, we pride ourselves on our swift and efficient video production process. At Plover Animation, we embrace the spirit of the plover—agile, energetic, and always ready to make a splash. So, while our feathered friends are zipping along the shoreline, we’re here zipping through high-quality videos, making sure your brand takes flight in no time!

About the CEO

Jennifer is the Founder/CEO of Plover Animation.

She has been using graphic design software for over 25 years and has creative leadership experience in game development, films, marketing, and virtual reality.

Her passions are with team building and creativity, with the goal to empowering others to build innovative ideas.

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